Did DIY Kill the Planner

“Did you hear? The wedding cake didn’t show up!”, Molly what is wrong? “The flowers are the wrong color”.  Is that Uncle Milton? He is really dancing on the table?

Myths? Lines from a movie? No, these are actual comments from people who decided to not hire or thought they couldn’t afford or didn’t need a wedding planner.

While DIY is still all the rage, the amount of items to worry about during our wedding day (and several weeks prior) are staggering.  From a wedding couple’s perspective, it all seems easy.  Pick a location, a menu, drinks, some flowers and you are good to go, right? Righhhhhhht.  DIY, at first, was an evil word in the wedding planner inner circle.  Hordes of brides and grooms deciding, “I can do that”, “we will save money” were out there experiencing firsthand the tragedies of doing it alone.   Not to say all DIY weddings had issues, but a staggering 87% of DIY wedding couples stated, if they did it again, they would hire a planner.

Saving Money.  Probably the top reason why wedding couples do not call a wedding planner.  “We simply can’t afford it”.  Can you really put a price on peace of mind?  There are a plethora of wedding planners out there, from the extravagant celebrities like David Tutera’s to the local heroes like David Twigger ( T Weddings and Events www.tweddingsaz.com / Vermilion Events https://vermilionevents.com/) There is a planner out there to fit your style and economic needs.

DIY has actually now help celebrate wedding planners.  Wedding couples, although be it later in the process, now more than ever appreciate all the work that goes into the special day.  Can you create your own centerpieces? Yes, keeping them looking great, delivering, setting up, keeping them in place and the tearing down and collecting and storing them – that’s what a planner does.

Everything from full on wedding planning down to the day of planner contains hours and hours amount of work and planning, and nothing can prepare you for the unexpected, EXCEPT experience.  I personally have had to create a wedding cake in 45 minutes, change out dead flowers, excuse Uncle Milton, find a band in less than hour and yes have several heated arguments with Mother Nature.  That quick thinking doesn’t happen from a book, or wedding blog.

Planners shouldn’t hinder your input or allow a couple’s personality to get lost in the planning and designing of a wedding, if it does, switch your planner.  Be involved, be creative, have fun and the best way to do that is allow someone else to take care of the little things.

Taking the hand of a new wedding couple and walking them to the starting point is one of the most beautiful moments for a planner and a couple.  We wedding planners aren’t here to take away from any experiences you would like to go through, we are here to enhance them.

So bring on the Pinterest couples and your picture boards, the crafty Aunt’s and Mother-in-laws, and let’s make magic!!

Forget or didn't want to hire a planner?

Forget or didn’t want to hire a planner?

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