Our special events industry was the first hit with COVID and will be one of the last to recuperate. With travel restrictions, social distancing, food service items, housekeeping protocols, there are a lot of different pieces to putting this puzzle back together.

But as always this industry, filled with large and small businesses, will rally together. We will meet, agree for changes and move forward.

One of those lights we needed to see is highlighted in the article from Special Events Magazine. https://www.specialevents.com/event-tools/keep-it-clean-hygiene-products-special-events. This quick photo story highlights some items we’ve seen and expected with a few new designs that will help attendees feel more at ease with meetings and events again. A few of the featured items:

VendX safety vending machine
A digital vending machine from InCharged is equipped with a 46-inch touchscreen that allows users to share on their social media account, play a game, or fill out a survey in exchange for a prize or gift. It may also be used to collect data or simply to give out PPE material (gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, etc.) without any information in exchange, if desired.

Portable hand-wash stations
Portable hand-wash stations from Ozark River are now available at a discount

Premium sanitizer
InCharged offers its premium standing sanitizer station with a touch-less and battery-operated dispenser that is fully brand-able. With a solid wide stand, this hand-sanitizer dispenser has a large amount of full-color branding space and surface coverage. Inside is a bottle that can be refilled at any time and lasts 1,500 pumps; it is ADA-compliant.

Here at Vermilion Events we are taking this time to update our own protocols, watch industry standards as they change and research all of the new items we can find.

Our clients and their attendees/guests are the most important pieces to our own puzzle.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of our team members.

Also stay tuned to our blog for more industry updates that discuss meetings/events, conferences and trade shows, destination management and more.

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