Why you need an event planner for your next meeting …

Planning an event yourself may not seem all that difficult. In-house, DIY planning is often viewed as cheaper and simpler, and therefore better than hiring a professional. However, a large-scale event is made up of so many factors that are easily missed by someone lacking experience. At the end of the day, hiring a professional meeting planner is a better bet. Don’t believe us? Here are seven reasons why.

  1. The Devil’s in the Details
    Planning a large event successfully requires a thorough knowledge of all the details involved. If you lack experience it’s easy for little things to slip through the cracks. Take nametags, for example. A small detail, but incredibly important if you want your guests to be able to network and get to know each other.
  1. Time Saved is Time Gained
    One of the biggest downsides to DIY planning is the amount of time you lose. Organizing an event takes a great deal of time and effort. What’s more, if you’re not a professional planner it will likely take you much longer to accomplish every part of preparation. Hiring a planner will free you to spend your time on other projects.
  1. Connection
    One of the biggest reasons to hire an event planner is that their connections become yours. Planners cultivate relationships with hotels, airlines, caterers, and vendors—relationships that will work in your favor. If you’re doing things on your own, planning an event for the first time, you’ll be starting with no connections. The network provided by established planners could get you discounts, access to hard-to-get conference speakers, and other perks.
  1. Reduced Stress
    Accomplishing a difficult task is all the more stressful if it’s something you’ve never done before. Event planning, with all its intricate details, is undoubtedly stressful. It isn’t just the preparation stage that can cause anxiety, however—while the event is going on you can be worrying about things that might go wrong. A professional planner, however, is used to the innerworkings of event planning and will be much more adept at managing things. Hiring a planner will allow you to sit back and enjoy the event without being in the thick of stressful planning and execution.
  1. Financial Benefits
    Veteran planners are skilled at cutting costs. They know which expenses are necessary and which ones aren’t, and will work within your budget. Furthermore, their connections in the industry often mean they can get you discounts and special pricing.
  1. Creativity
    If you have never planned an event before your time and energy will be spent primarily on making sure you cover all the necessities. It is much less likely that someone inexperienced will be able to create a unique and creative experience. For a professional planner, however, creativity is a necessity. Good planners don’t do the bare minimum—they think of unique ways to provide value to their client. Experienced planners can craft the kind of creative, memorable experience that an inexperienced person likely couldn’t replicate.
  1. Adaptability
    Regardless of the amount of time put into planning, there’s always the chance that something won’t go as planned. However, a professional planner will have a better idea of the kinds of things that could go wrong. They will be much more adept at adapting, skilled in thinking on their feet and able to execute Plan B quickly and efficiently. This kind of adaptability will be a huge asset in the event of something going wrong. A planner’s quick thinking can turn a potential disaster into a positive and memorable experience. Automotive case study


Professional event planners care about creating value for you. They put in the time and energy to give you a great experience, doing all the work so you don’t have to. If these seven reasons haven’t convinced you that hiring a planner is worthwhile, check out our case studies to see specific examples of what an experienced planner can do for you!

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