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Twigger Time Tip – Pillow Talk

Our very own David Twigger does pillow talk. No not the famous Doris Day movie though that would warrant a posting. (if you haven’t seen it – watch it).  No this time it is a Twigger Time Tip.  A very easy, quick and affordable way to bring some style, color and personal touches to your next event.  Not just a social event or wedding.. Yes a personal pillow on a head table or wedding couple’s chair is an amazing way to bring your style in. No this also works for a gala, lounge vignette.  Pillows come, of course in any color, texture, style.  Modern, rustic, contemporary, floral, spring, fall, holidays you name it, pillows have got it.  But David I’m just doing a simple meeting…….. No problem!  Consider your next meeting.  Same old board room, same old table.  Through some pillows on those chairs and you transform into an inviting and most likely more comfortable situation.  Special events, non-profit gala’s, sales meetings, retreats all easily branded, styled and lets face it, just plain more fun……with pillows.


Vermilion Events also has a design division that can custom make pillows.  yes it is true!! Just ask!!!



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