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Vermilion Events Time Lapse Event Set Up

Vermilion Events team did it again with this intimate but stylish 60th Birthday Party.  Held at one of the hottest downtown hotels in Phoenix, Arizona this event combined a Mid-Century Modern flare with a love of local artwork.  The Found:re was the perfect spot for this couple.  The Gallery room located right off the lobby was the perfect venue.  The Vermilion Events team perfectly balanced furniture, artwork, lighting and of course music to keep this event moving the whole night long.

Grabbing some of the more colorful items from our friends at AFR Furniture Rentals we spiced up perimeter of the room and placed the items so the flow of the event worked all night long.  As we know, there are 3 locations for every event.  Bar, Food, Dance…. in between people will wander and look for a place to camp for a bit.  When designing an event you HAVE to remember that you can’t just design pretty… it has to also flow.  When clients want an event that keeps people moving you can’t be afraid to separate your items.  But when you do you have to make sure that the center of the room works as well and doesn’t trap your guests.

This couple were high energy so we pulled high energy colors to match.  Fuchsia was the color of the night… and luckily the chairs at this hip boutique hotel had fuchsia seat cushions.  Pops of yellow and turquoise also jump started the eyes on arrival.  As always it is about lighting… up lights everywhere plus some strategic projections also brought the dead space areas to life.


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