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How to find Guy Stuff……

Lets face it boys….. our word – especially the world of special events is dominated by girl stuff.  Gifts, branding, surprises, decor, colors, drinks…. it is all about the ladies.  Meetings and Events once had a poll that said the meetings and events industry is a staggering 90% female to 10% male.  So with those kind of numbers it should be easier to find things for our lovely ladies of the industry.  BUT once in awhile don’t we want some guy stuff? We do have male clients (rare yes) but they exist, and if I give out one more golf shirt I think my clients are going to throw it back at me.

Yes the whiskey tasting craze allowed form some guy time.  A good glass of scotch a cigar and some brown leather furniture and we are able to at least create a small corner for the guys.

Well I am thrilled to report I’ve found something even more exciting.  An entire website dedicated to… yes you guessed it…. guy stuff.  or an awesome site filled to rim with…. well… groovy guy stuff.  Custom items, guy bags, bottle openers, darts, billfolds, cuff-links, sports items. And these items are cheesy branded items.  I was able to sample an engraved metal compass.  The coolest items that had an engraved… “So you don’t loose your way” on it.  Not on the gift but the way it is packed and shipped says guy stuff. Meaning you don’t get it all fluffy wrapped.

When dealing with meetings and events we must take of our ladies but the next time you come across one of our guys…. check our Groovy Guy Stuff and make sure he is taken care of.

Client Gifts for men
Vermilion Events uses Groovy Guy stuff to wow male clients

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