Creating key connections

This week’s Business Journal list focuses on LGBTQ-owned businesses. We asked those owners how important it was to have alliances within the LGBTQ community and with the straight community. Here’s what some of them had to say.

David Twigger, creative director and founder, Vermilion Events

“[It’s] Incredibly important. Without these alliances and connections we cannot grow the community itself. We need to look like a viable community to supporters and suppliers. We need to look to those alliances, otherwise we stay stagnant and limit ourselves, our businesses and our community. “

Tony Felice, owner, The Felice Agency

“It is incredibly important for LGBTQ businesses to have strong connections within our community but also with the allied community. The gay community has a long history of contributing to the economic vitality of a region, see ‘Rise of the Creative Class,’ by Dr. Richard Florida. By working together with the allied community, we form lasting and enduring relationships that go beyond our individual identities to create a rich and vibrant community.”

Calvin Goetz, founder and president, Strategy Financial Group

“Regardless of sexuality, I believe having relationships with business owners that understand the challenges and opportunities of running a business is so important because we can each learn from each other. It’s important because we can share ideas and help each other avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes that others have made already. We don’t all have to go through the same process. We can skip ahead with our shared knowledge.”

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